My Teaching Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy

The six strongest beliefs i hold that fuel my philosophy of teaching:

Belief # 1:

The first and most important belief that I hold as a teacher is that the relationships that we form with our students are crucial to success in learning, in the classroom, and in life. When strong and meaningful relationships are created in schools, learning and overall experiences thrive.

Belief # 2:

I believe that establishing a foundation of kindness and respect in the classroom will lead to a healthy, supportive and welcoming environment. I want my classroom to be a safe and welcoming space for all who enter.

Belief #3:

I believe that Treaty education needs to be apart of day to day learning in schools. I have seen first hand how beneficial and powerful this learning can be. in my own classroom, this content is something I aim to weave into each subject daily.

Belief # 4:

As technology evolves, it is important to keep up with trends so that my students can receive rich learning with a variety of technological tools. As Rabindranath Tagore said, ” Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time“.

In my own schooling, my experiences with technology were limited. Our students are growing up in a world where technology is evolving rapidly. As a future teacher, I am going to cater to my students and incorporate technology into our learning frequently.

Belief #5:

In my teaching, I work to teach from an anti-oppressive education platform.I want to provide my students with opportunities to recognize their own biases and prejudices. My belief is that once this is done, we can then recognize and name our own biases and prejudices. In doing so, we will then be able to tackle larger issues of social justice, oppression, and privilege in our school and community.

Belief #6: I believe that the most meaningful learning comes when students have the opportunity to be in control and offer input to their learning. I aim to offer my students many chances to share what they are interested in learning and how we are going to get there. This will include provided opportunities for interactive activities and inquiry learning.

Belief #7:

I believe that movement in the classroom is crucial for student engagement. In my future classroom, i will incorporate movement into our learning by engaging my students in a variety of dance, physical movement and play based activities.

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