Welcome to Dining with Danna

Hello! For my #EDTC300 learning project, I will be teaching myself how to cook. Some may say cooking is a simple task, but for me it is a nightmare ( I once set a fire trying to boil water). Needless to say,  the range of dishes I can execute with success are extremely limited. I am using this project as an opportunity to expand my abilities in the kitchen.

How will I do it? 

1.I will be using a wide range of online resources ( cooking blogs, videos,online cookbooks, websites, etc). to find recipes that will add to my repertoire in the kitchen.

2. I will make posts frequently that showcase my learning. You will find me posting new recipes I’ve tried, things that I have learned from online, and what I have learned in regards to safety in the kitchen. I have yet to decide exactly which recipes I will be trying but they will fall under the following categories:

  •  Breakfast food
  • Lunch food
  • Appetizers and on-the-go snacks
  • Dinner food
  • Desserts and baking
  • Vegan and vegetarian alternatives

3.At least once a week, you will find special edition food reviews from guests that will be trying my food and reviewing it via video submission. If you would like to make a special guest appearance on Dining with Danna, send me a tweet!

Let’s eat!

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