Breakfast: Starting the day off on an EGGcelent note.

As I’ve mentioned before, cooking is not my strong suit. For my first few posts in Dining with Danna, I have decided to start off with something very basic, EGGS! Many people have laughed at me when I told them I’ve been learning different ways to cook eggs  ( apparently this is something lots of people already know how to do!). Until this post, my egg techniques have been limited to scrambled. Today’s submission will take you through my journey exploring ways  on how to cook fried eggs- let’s get cracking!

  • “The Fried Egg”: 

For this technique, I watched a lot of youtube tutorials on how to make the perfect fried egg. There were SO many different approaches to cook a fried egg so at first I felt a little overwhelmed. I found many different techniques for cooking fried eggs such as steaming the egg,  sunny side up eggs, over easy eggs, how to flip fried eggs, and the list goes on.

My first attempt at making a sunny side up egg:

  1. Pan Preparation: I started by melting one teaspoon of butter in the pan at a medium heat. I’ve learned that it’s important to use butter, cooking spray, or cooking oil to prepare the pan so that the eggs do not stick when plating them. 
  2. Cooking: I let my egg sit in the pan for about 2 minutes. I thought I was off to a pretty good start although the egg whites were very spread out. 
  3. Plating: When it was time to plate my egg, I had a lot of trouble getting it off of the pan. I don’t think I added enough butter. I used a spatula to get my egg off the pan but I sadly cracked the yoke in the process. Next time, I am going to let it cook a little bit longer so that the yoke is more firm when plating. 

My second attempt at cooking a sunny side up egg: 

After my failed attempt at one of the easiest eggs to cook, I went back to the drawing board. Where did I go wrong? What could I do better this time? I also turned to youtube and watched a step by step tutorial on cooking sunny side up eggs.

  1. preparation: I added more butter this time so that my egg wouldn’t stick to the pan when plating. This time, I also followed the video and tried pouring my egg into a measuring cup before putting it into the pan.
  2. Cooking: This time, I gently shook the pan as the egg was cooking ( a tip I got from the video). Doing this technique checks for  the stickiness of the egg while cooking. This time, my egg looked better in the pan.  I tried a new technique of placing a pan lid over the egg to fully cook the egg whites. I was feeling egg-cited!
  3. Plating: This time my yoke didn’t crack when I scooped it out of the pan. I also noticed that this time the yoke was more raised. I added some pepper to my egg and cooked some toast to dip it in. Success!


  • Over Easy and over medium eggs 

For this technique, I also watched videos and did a lot of research on the best ways to make perfect over easy eggs. After catching onto making sunny side up eggs pretty quick, I thought ” how hard could this be?!” …  Little did I know, I was in for a wake up call.

Most websites, cooking blogs, and video tutorials share that to make and over easy egg, you need to flip it. I have learned that you can flip an egg by using a spatula or by flipping it by using the pan ( a more complex technique that I am nowhere near accomplishing at this time). The flipping technique is something that is causing me some egg-stremely serious frustrations in the kitchen!

  1. My first attempts at an over easy egg: The photo on the left, I tried flipping by using the pan (fail). My first egg flip went horribly and splattered all over the place. The photo on the right, I used a spatula to flip my egg ( much easier). Even using the spatula, my egg was all over the place and did not look like the pretty eggs I have seen all over the internet.

2. Another spatula flip attempt: 

This time, I tried adding salt to the egg before I flipped it. I have been reading online that doing this gives the egg some texture and will make it less likely to explode like my past attempts.

3. Practice makes perfect… 

Wahoo!! This time, I let the egg sit in the pan a little bit longer than previous attempts before flipping it. I used the spatula to flip my egg. This time when I flipped it, I didn’t pick up the whole egg on my spatula. Instead, I lifted one corner of the egg white and rolled it on top of the yoke. This worked- I felt egg-static! It’s still not perfect, but I am feeling more optimistic and looking forward to my next post for Dining with Danna.. OMELETTES!


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  1. Danna, love your creative posts! I also think its a great idea that you take pictures of the process… such an awesome way for visual learners (like myself). Cant wait to see what you cook next!


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