Mindful Monday

One thing I value in my teaching ( and in life in general) is the importance of self-reflection and mindfulness. I think there is such power in taking time out of our busy schedules and school days to take a few minutes each day to reflect. During my internship, I kept a log of my daily reflections and it is something that I truly believes helps me grow not only as a teacher but as a person.

I think that sitting back and taking time to reflect on our days leads to mindfulness. To me, reflection and mindfulness go hand in hand. During my internship, I loved being able to share ways with my students to have positive, growth mindsets.

I think that so often we get stuck in the hustle and bustle of life that we often forget to take time for self care and find ourself pushing our well-being to the side. I know that I can also put a lot of pressure on myself and often find myself stressed.  I can honestly say that reflection and pushing myself to think from a positive mindset has helped me so much to grow but also to calm oneself after a long day or in stressful moments .I encourage you to find the time to take at least 5 minutes to just sit back, reflect, and RELAX!

Here are some ways to encourage you to find time for self and to change your mindset in and out of the classroom:

  1. Make time for self reflection. Today I was at chapters and I found this cute little notebook that is PERFECT for doing this. Each day, it encourages you to sit down and reflect on what worked well, what didn’t work well, a moment of mindfulness, and things you can do differently tomorrow.


2. Class DOJO mindfulness videos: During internship I used these videos with my class not only for a brain break but as a way to encourage my students to be self aware and mindful. If you have a Class DOJO account, you can find a plethora these handy videos. If not, many of them are accessible on youtube.

3. Meditation videos: This is something I have been making time in my life for for roughly the last six months. Outside of the classroom, I use these videos right before bed to help me wind down and let go of the busy day. There is such a range of different mediation videos you can use in and out of the classroom. I love having students meditate because it helps them reset and be mindful!

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One thought on “Mindful Monday

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  1. I am working towards practicing more mindfulness in my life and my teaching practice. That notebook looks like a handy tool!
    I also recommend a mindfulness app such as Calm or Headspace. I’ve used both, but currently subscribe to Calm.
    I am looking forward to hearing about your journey!


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