egg-sperimenting with omelettes

This morning, I tackled another way to cook eggs- OMELETTES! To start, I browsed around the internet looking for the best techniques in omelette cooking. I found this egg-stremely overwhelming because there were SO many different omelette recipes. I decided that to start, I would just keep it simple. I followed this website that walked my by step by step on how to make a simple omelette. 

Step one: Whisk it up 

-I added two eggs, 2 tablespoons of water, and a pinch of salt and pepper and whisked it all together for about one minute! 

Step two: Pour eggs in pan 

I turned the burner onto a medium heat and then let 2 tablespoons of butter melt in the pan to avoid having sticky eggs! I then poured my egg mix into the pan. Once there were no see-through spots, I moved onto step 3.

Step three: Add filling

To fill today’s omelette, I kept it  simple and only used cheese, red onion and orange pepper! Once my egg looked to be cooking, I added my fillings to one side of the pan. Things were going well until I moved onto step four…..

Step four: Fold to create omelette

how hard could it be? Well, this is where my omelette took a turn for the worst.When I went to flip one side over to create my omelette, the eggs slid off my spatula too soon and  ended up cracking/not covering my fillings. 

I had to do some quick thinking here. I first tried unfolding my omelette and trying again but the cheese was already melting to the little bit that did cover the fillings. WHAT am I going to do?!  I was freaking out, as if I can’t even cook an omelette. THEN I decided to try flipping the omelette in half. IT WORKED .. I was egg-static.  My omelette was saved!

Step 5: Flip and eat 

I flipped my omelette over for about one minute to make sure it was fully cooked and then I plated it with some chipotle mayo from Costco and Frank’s Red hot sauce.

How was it?

For it being my first omelette, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! Next time, I will be adding more fillings ( especially more cheese) to enhance the flavour of my omelette. Stay tuned for my next post where I will be making breakfast egg cups!



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