Figuring out Feedly

Since our last #EDTC300 class, I have been navigating my way through Feedly. At first, I felt very overwhelmed with this site ( SO many blogs, so little time!). The more I played around with it and became more comfortable with the layout, how to use it, etc. I’ve really come to love feedly! On my account, I created two feeds ( one for #EDTC and one for my #LearningProject).

I have been finding blogs to match my feeds by searching key words into Feedly. For example, to find blogs to put under my #learningProject feed I searched key words such as #Vegan, #QuickRecipes, #healthyfood. In regards to finding other sources to follow, I have learned many new blogger names in the blogs that I’m finding out Feedly!

When I first started doing searches on Feedly, I was overwhelmed. “Where to start? Which is the best blog? Which one do I read first? ” These are all questions  I had when I was beginning my feedly journey and then I started thinking of some tips and tricks I learned from #EDTC300. I started looking at the blogs to see how many followers they had, how many posts a week are going to be made, and if the user had a profile picture. If the user didn’t have many followers or posts, I made a decision not to follow them.

One of my favorite blogs that it’s my #EDTC300 feed is the TPT blog . This is a blog that includes TONS of resources, outets for communicating with other teachers, and blog archives directed at teachers at ALL levels. It’s amazing…. I could spend hours surfing around on this blog! One post I read that I found especially interesting the other day was called ” 15 Things You Need to Remember About Being a Kid“. This post shared things students have said they wished adults knew. It was humbling and a good reminder that our little one’s are not perfect and neither are we as teachers!

As many of you know,  I am teaching myself how to cook for my #LearningProject so I am pulling TONS of food blogs onto my feed on Feedly. This is a blessing and a curse ( blessing because I am finding SO many cool recipes and tips and tricks for in the kitchen but curse because looking at food blogs makes me hungry ALL.THE.TIME). I find it inspiring looking at the food blogs because maybe one day I’ll be as good as some of the bloggers I’m following ( baby steps!).

Eventually in my learning project, I will be experimenting with Vegan and vegetarian options. One blog that is really making me excited for this step in my learning project is called ” Oh She Glows“. I like this blog because the recipes seem manageable! Lots of vegan blogs I’ve seen have very complex recipes that intimidate me. One recipe I’m really looking forward to trying is the Vegan Burrito Bowl 

Photos of my FEEDLY feeds.. never stop learning!


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  1. Feedly can be very overwhelming! I do love their mobile platform- it might be something worth checking out! I’m at the point in my life that I want to use the app instead of viewing it on a computer.
    Your learning project sounds like a fun one!

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