Finding Common Ground

Well, I never thought I’d see the day but Conor and I are settling this debate once and for all and finding a common ground on our debate on the use of cellphones in the classroom. It wasn’t easy but after long and serious conversations, we have found a common ground. After long argument and discussion we have come to the conclusion that we are okay with cellphones as long as the teacher is in control of times and terms of use.

Something students, parents and teachers must understand is that cellphones are a privilege and do not need to be out constantly during learning time. We have come to agree that if a student is abusing the privilege of cellphone use in class, they will not be able to participate in class tech-activities for a given amount of time until they can regain the teacher’s trust with their cellphone.


Another point we both agree on is the importance of teaching digital citizenship. Until students have proper digital citizenship education , devices will not be welcomed and used in the classroom. We agree that if students are bringing these devices into the class spaces, they need to be educated on how to use them and act responsibly in the digital world. If issues come up in the classroom around technology, they will be addressed immediately in a meeting with teacher and involved students. If issues persist, devices will not be allowed any longer in the classroom.

Although cellphones in the classroom is still a hot topic, I am glad Conor and I were able to come to an agreement. As part of this debate, I turned to twitter and made a poll to see what my followers thought about this subject. We were both pretty surprised to see that 100% of people who voted answered yes.

This post was co-written by me and Conor Woolley and will appear on both of our #EDTC300  blogs

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