My first ever #saskEDchat


Well I finally did it! Tonight marked the first time I’ve ever participated in a SaskEd chat on twitter. I used Tweetdeck to navigate through the tweets. When the ed chat started to really pick up, I felt overwhelmed! I’ve never felt like such a lurker in my whole lif ( see giph attached for accurate depiction of me during my first #saskEdChat).

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This week, i really just used this EdChat as a starting point to get comfortable with it and get a sense of how it works. I was really scared to even send it my first introductory tweet. Looking back on it, there was nothing to be scared about because everyone was super welcoming!

The replies I got from people that I don’t know made me realize that the sask ed chat is a welcoming environment for all!

I didn’t really reply a lot tonight but I was really engaged in following along what other people had to say.  I feel a lot more comfortable with it now and I am really excited to participate more next Thursday. As good old Arnold you say…


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  1. Hey Danna! Thanks for sharing your EdChat experience. I tried to do one but it was a fail so this gives me some encouragement to try again! Were there a lot of participants? Did you find the discussion to be helpful or insightful?

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  2. Danna! That’s awesome! It’s so great that you had a positive experience. I am curious, what was the topic of the #saskedchat this week? I wish I could join in but unfortunately, I have a class that conflicts. Makes me even more excited to do so by hearing that you really enjoyed it.
    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!


  3. That is so great that you enjoyed your first SaskEdChat! Your post is encouraging me to jump back into the Twitter Chat sphere! I love how welcoming our teacher community truly is!


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