Dining with Danna- vlog edition

This week i took a TOTALLY new approach to the Dining with Danna page and created a VLOG. Making a video to share what I have learned has been something i’ve been wanting to do since I started my #LearningProject. Not only did I learn how to make brusslesprouts and mushroom steaks this week but I also learned how to use a new app- iMovie!

When I first started using iMovie, I must admit that I was intimidated. I had ( and still really don’t have) a single clue on how to use it and all the features you can use to create a movie. The more I got to using it, the more little tips and tricks I would figure out. There is SO much you can do on this program!

How I made my Vlog:

  1. I started by recording myself in short clips using the Photo Booth app on my mac. This part was a lot of fun. At first, I felt really weird talking into the screen (sometimes more than a few times to get the perfect clip) alone in my kitchen. By the end of my video though I felt really comfortable and was having  lot of fun.
  2. I took the clips and added them to iMovie. This step was a  LOT easier than I thought it would be. I only had to drag my video clips from photo booth and inset them where I wanted in iMovie
  3. I then started to play around with the features of iMovie: This part was also super fun. I learned that you can shorten video clips, speed them up, adjust the sound and the list goes on and on! This  part took me almost as long as it did to film which was surprising to me.
  4. I saved my video and loaded it to Youtube: This step made me appreciate how simple it is to use iMovie! All I had to do was save my movie ” as a file” and then upload the file to youtube and VOILA!

This was my first ever video blog and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! It’s definitely still choppy but this was just my first time exploring with iMovie! Next time, I’m going to try and clean it up a lot more and add some new features. I definitely see vlogging becoming a new obsession of mine!


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