Seen by Many, known by few

The title of this post comes from Monika Lewinski’s TedTalk. In this video she said so many impactful things but one in particular has stuck with me. She referred to herself as a woman who was seen by many but known by few. At first when she said it, I only had a somewhat understand of what she meant. By the end of her speech, I fully understood. When she was plastered all over the internet, she was talked about by so many people ( many of which were very mean). These people did not know her though and were pretty much ruining her life.

This idea of seen by many and known by few can be related to so many other aspects of the world wide web. Take Amanda Todd for example; One person screens hotting her in a not-so-good moment lead her to being exposed on the internet which eventually lead her to taking her own life. The person blackmailing her along with all the other bystanders participating in this exposure did not genuinely KNOW this young girl at all and just took pleasure in trolling her. The only people to truly know her are her family members and close friends. From listen to her mother speak in the documentary, I gathered that people know that Amanda was worth more than what the people on the internet were saying about her.

This quote from Monika Lewinsky really stuck with me and it made me think about how it applies to millenials using the internet and the idea of “creeping” someone. For example, a girl sees a boy walking down the halls in the university and tells her friend she thinks he’s cute. The girl knows NOTHING about this guy but her friend says she follows him on instagram. Together, they ” creep” his profile. They see that he has a dog, so this means he must love animals! The girls notice that he posted 5 pictures with a girl a few months ago, but he hasn’t posted anything recently with this girl.. Does this mean it was his girlfriend and one time but he’s now single?! ( the girls will probably assume so). From this quick “Creep” on the strangers profile, the girls feel like they have this guy figured out without having even MET him! So many people these days think they can figure everything out about someone just by looking at their profiles. This is a problem because there’s a potential for rumours to start about others and having people getting hurt. If people would just actually take the time to get to know people genuinely before jumping to conclusions from what they seen online, I feel like this world would be so much different.



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  1. I appreciate your insight into how in the digital age we can end up jumping to conclusions about a person from what we gather online. We have to be so careful and remember there is so much more to a person that what we read about them. Thanks!

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