Got my code on!

Today I started exploring the coding universe! I starting on Hour of Code and played the Moana coding activity. I chose this because I love Moana but also because I wanted to keep practicing with screencasting! This isn’t the BEST screencast in the world because the Moana music is playing in the background, but I’m still learning!

At first I thought it was pretty simple but the higher up I got, it was a lot more complicated! This is just a very introductory stage in my coding experience! One mistake that I made while coding Moana was switching around the directions! I kept putting “turn right” but I should have been doing the opposite.

Once I made my screencast, I turned it into a youtube video so that I could load it onto my blog! Here it is… I will be doing more coding screencasts in the very near future.

2 thoughts on “Got my code on!

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  1. Coding is a concept in which I had no previous knowledge of. After seeing Katia explain it, I became so excited to not only try it out myself, but to showcase this process to students. Seeing it live in action last class allowed my inner nerd to let loose. When we were getting the character to do random things I found it so entertaining. I wonder how a process like this could be used within classrooms that don’t deal with computer programming or anything of the sort. Being an English major, how would I utilize this within my classroom that would be relevant to the learning? What is your major and how do you plan to incorporate it within your classroom?


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