Final Learning Project post

I have had SO much fun with my learning project over the course of this semester. Usually, when a semester ends I am excited for school to be done and don’t do anything ” school related” until the next semester starts. This isn’t going to be the case with my learning project. I had a lot of fun learning how to cook and sharing my accomplishments on my blog so it will definitely be something I keep up with in the future!

My Inspiration..

When I started this project, I couldn’t think of what to choose. I spent a lot of a days thinking of what to choose and finally came up with cooking. I am known for being a not-so-good chef and have a history of being weak in the kitchen. I wanted to turn this reputation around!

My first posts were really simple! I focused on the food ( and even that was really simple). I was cooking things that a lot of people would classify ” easy” but to me they were things I genuinely didn’t know how to cook such as eggs, pancakes etc. My blog posts were pretty straight forward… Just information about how I made recipes and what I learned with pictures here and there.

everyone should know how to cook eggs right?!

As I got more comfortable using wordpress and the appliances in my kitchen, I started to branch out with how showcased my learning and the recipes that I tried. Some of my more complex recipes include vegan alternatives and baking! As I grew, I started adding youtube videos and giphys into my posts. I even created a vlog.

adding youtube videos
adding giph’s and links


I used the blogs I follow along with through feedly a lot during my learning project. Although my food didn’t always turn out just like the food-bloggers I follow, I still liked learning from them and trying new things!

bloggers I follow on Feedly


Vlogging was a lot of fun because it was something I have never done before. I learned how to use iMovie while doing my blog. It took a lot of time to make my videos but it was a lot of fun doing it! This was a totally new learning experience for me. Since my first Vlog, I have made 4 other videos for different classes I’m in to showcase my learning. I have also taught a couple of friends how to use iMovie! here is the link to my very first VLOG:


Personal Favorites: 

Some of the favourite things I accomplished during my learning project was my beat salad and chocolate chip pancakes. YUM. I’m getting hungry again just thinking about them.


What I learned: 

  1. Be patient: Not every recipe is going to go as planned or turn out looking like the photo from the website!
  2. Things will go wrong: For example, when I cooked my egg cups, they grew so much in the oven that some overflowed and it became a huge mess!
  3. Try new things!  I feel like throughout the course of this semester I really pushed myself with how I used my blog and the recipes I tried. This really helped me grow as a digital citizen and a chef!
  4. There is always help! This project reinforced for me how powerful the internet is. Whenever I hit a roadblock in the kitchen, an answer/solution to work through was always a click away! I spent a lot of time watching cooking tutorials.
  5. Dishwater will always gross me out! No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get over doing the dishes. The dirty water grossed me out every.single.time.

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