Final Networked Learning post

Where does time go!? It feels like this semester has FLOWN by. I remember when this semester started, I feel really overwhelmed and nervous for what this class will entail. Now that it is done, I feel like I have learned a lot this semester through online tools but also from my classmates in #EDTC300.

I have found that blogging is SUCH an amazing way to get new ideas and insights. Through this semester, I have loved having classmates and other blog followers show interest in my blog. Blogging became really fun when I noticed that other people were also following along and keeping up with what I was doing. One thing I could have been better at was creating posts in response to my peers instead of just comments. Some of my peers ping backed my posts but I didn’t do the same for them.. one thing I can keep working on in the future! Here are some examples of ways my classmates interacted with me through my own blog :

this comment inspired me to try new things every week on my blog!

My mom follows my blog!
Loved hearing my peers’ opinions on my blog
Who doesn’t love Maroon 5 am I right?


During this course, I also found myself adding to the learning of my peers by following their blogs! Reading blogs was something I found interesting.. I got to learn new things from my classmates and follow their learning project journeys. Some of my favourite posts came from those learning about ASL! I liked when they would post videos, I would sometimes try to follow along with them.  Reflecting on this, I spent a lot of time reading my peers’ blogs but definitely could have left more comments. Here are some of the comments I left for my friends on their blogs:



I started my professional twitter at the beginning of this semester. Now that I understand how to work it and how powerful of a tool it is when connecting with other educators, I will definitely continue using it in my career!


Here is a screencast I made walking you through my experiences on twitter!


  1. Google community 

The Google community was a really nifty tool in this class. I didn’t check it often but when I did I found it extremely helpful. At the beginning of the semester, I used it to introduce myself to peers in the class! It was good to go on there and review things like ” how to set up your screencasts” or go over little things we had learned in class where maybe I forgot certain details. Here are some of the things I contributed and appreciated to the community.

This post in the community really helped me when i couldn’t figure out adding giphs into blog posts.
getting to know you.

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