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In today’s post I am going to be focusing on my thoughts from Michael Wesch’s speech, reflecting on the changed world in terms of technology, and sharing how I can educate my students in this ever changing world of technology.

Even though the video “An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube” is a bit dated, I still found it really interesting! The one part that really stuck out for me was when Michael Wesch explained how quick and easy it is for things to spread on the internet.

A visual that showed me how things travel on the internet

After my #EDTC session last night, I started thinking about how technology has changed throughout my own life. Here are few memories with technology  that I hold:

  • When I was younger, I remember play CD-ROM games on my big old computer. Now most of the games people play are on smart phones and tablets (something that pretty much everyone seems to have nowadays..)
  • When I was about seven years old, I started learning what a cellphone is. I remember driving with my mom one day and she showed me her cellphone (which was about the size of a brick) and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.
  • I got my first cellphone when I was in grade 7 ( a white flip phone that used a T9 keyboard). At this time, I had a package that only let me send 50 texts a month ( emergencies only). When I reached grade 9, my package got upgraded to 100 texts a month. Towards the end of grade 9, I got an unlimited texting package and I seriously thought I was the coolest thing EVER! In grade 10, I got my first ever iPhone (another big deal), an iPhone 3!! it was super clunky and huge but I still thought it was awesome. This evolution is so crazy to think of for me as today having a smartphone is totally the norm and pretty much everyone ( including children…) are hooked onto these flatscreen gadgets. 
  • BlockBuster: Going to BlockBuster was one of my FAVOURITE memories as a child. Going to the store, spending forever picking out just the right movie, and then spending almost as long picking out your treats in the check out line. The process of picking out a movie took so long that by the time I actually got home to start watching the movie, I’d be asleep about half way through! So much different  than today where I can find pretty much any movie online or on Netflix and the click on a button! 
  • Limewire: talking about this in our #EDTC300 class last night brought up so many memories! I remember spending hours on lime wire downloading music. It took forever, gave my computer countless viruses and by the time I had my song downloaded, it was usually a low quality version. I remember when Limewire was coming to an end, I actually felt scared.. thinking ” how am I going to get music now?!” If only I could go back in time and tell my 12 year old self that in a few years you’d be able to have an app called Apple music where you’d have access to good quality music for only 3 dollars a month!! 
  • MSN: As I mentioned in class the other night, I LIVED for MSN. I remember coming home from school and rushing to the computer to log onto MSN to chat with my friends ( that I literally just spent all day at school with). Now if I want to get ahold of my friends, they are only a text or phone call away! 

Thinking about all of these things has made me realize that more than ever, we are living in a world of technology. We are even seeing children with their own iPads, phones, social media accounts,tablets, etc. Bedtime stories are getting swapped out for screen time. Technology is ALL around us.

There are two things I believe I can do as an educator to support my students and help them navigate this complex world of technology.

  1. How to be good Digital Citizens 

Teaching children how to be good Digital Citizens is something that is very important to me. In #EDTC300 and in Michael Wesch’s video, we learned that things can spread rapidly over the internet and sometimes this may not be a good thing ( mean messages, screenshots, sexting, embarrassing photos, etc). We as teachers need to be educating our students on ways to be a good digital citizen and how we can leave a positive digital footprint.

Students of all ages can learn to be good digital citizens. In the younger grades, I have started simple by going over how we carry technology ( two hands on the tablets please!!), talking about stranger danger, and never providing your full name and address online. In older grades, teaching students how to be good digital citizens is so important as it reaches topics of stealing, how people see you on the internet ( employment), sexting, sending pictures, cyber bullying, etc.

2.Teaching Students to unplug 

As I have mentioned, technology is all around us in everything we do. I think sometimes we forget the importance of unplugging and detaching ourselves from the hustle and bustle of technology. In teaching students to be good digital citizens, we can also teach them how to unplug. For example, I have seen many teachers use technology tubs where students place their phones for the day as a way of staying focused and unplugging.


Figuring out Feedly

Since our last #EDTC300 class, I have been navigating my way through Feedly. At first, I felt very overwhelmed with this site ( SO many blogs, so little time!). The more I played around with it and became more comfortable with the layout, how to use it, etc. I’ve really come to love feedly! On my account, I created two feeds ( one for #EDTC and one for my #LearningProject).

I have been finding blogs to match my feeds by searching key words into Feedly. For example, to find blogs to put under my #learningProject feed I searched key words such as #Vegan, #QuickRecipes, #healthyfood. In regards to finding other sources to follow, I have learned many new blogger names in the blogs that I’m finding out Feedly!

When I first started doing searches on Feedly, I was overwhelmed. “Where to start? Which is the best blog? Which one do I read first? ” These are all questions  I had when I was beginning my feedly journey and then I started thinking of some tips and tricks I learned from #EDTC300. I started looking at the blogs to see how many followers they had, how many posts a week are going to be made, and if the user had a profile picture. If the user didn’t have many followers or posts, I made a decision not to follow them.

One of my favorite blogs that it’s my #EDTC300 feed is the TPT blog . This is a blog that includes TONS of resources, outets for communicating with other teachers, and blog archives directed at teachers at ALL levels. It’s amazing…. I could spend hours surfing around on this blog! One post I read that I found especially interesting the other day was called ” 15 Things You Need to Remember About Being a Kid“. This post shared things students have said they wished adults knew. It was humbling and a good reminder that our little one’s are not perfect and neither are we as teachers!

As many of you know,  I am teaching myself how to cook for my #LearningProject so I am pulling TONS of food blogs onto my feed on Feedly. This is a blessing and a curse ( blessing because I am finding SO many cool recipes and tips and tricks for in the kitchen but curse because looking at food blogs makes me hungry ALL.THE.TIME). I find it inspiring looking at the food blogs because maybe one day I’ll be as good as some of the bloggers I’m following ( baby steps!).

Eventually in my learning project, I will be experimenting with Vegan and vegetarian options. One blog that is really making me excited for this step in my learning project is called ” Oh She Glows“. I like this blog because the recipes seem manageable! Lots of vegan blogs I’ve seen have very complex recipes that intimidate me. One recipe I’m really looking forward to trying is the Vegan Burrito Bowl 

Photos of my FEEDLY feeds.. never stop learning!

Mindful Monday

One thing I value in my teaching ( and in life in general) is the importance of self-reflection and mindfulness. I think there is such power in taking time out of our busy schedules and school days to take a few minutes each day to reflect. During my internship, I kept a log of my daily reflections and it is something that I truly believes helps me grow not only as a teacher but as a person.

I think that sitting back and taking time to reflect on our days leads to mindfulness. To me, reflection and mindfulness go hand in hand. During my internship, I loved being able to share ways with my students to have positive, growth mindsets.

I think that so often we get stuck in the hustle and bustle of life that we often forget to take time for self care and find ourself pushing our well-being to the side. I know that I can also put a lot of pressure on myself and often find myself stressed.  I can honestly say that reflection and pushing myself to think from a positive mindset has helped me so much to grow but also to calm oneself after a long day or in stressful moments .I encourage you to find the time to take at least 5 minutes to just sit back, reflect, and RELAX!

Here are some ways to encourage you to find time for self and to change your mindset in and out of the classroom:

  1. Make time for self reflection. Today I was at chapters and I found this cute little notebook that is PERFECT for doing this. Each day, it encourages you to sit down and reflect on what worked well, what didn’t work well, a moment of mindfulness, and things you can do differently tomorrow.


2. Class DOJO mindfulness videos: During internship I used these videos with my class not only for a brain break but as a way to encourage my students to be self aware and mindful. If you have a Class DOJO account, you can find a plethora these handy videos. If not, many of them are accessible on youtube.

3. Meditation videos: This is something I have been making time in my life for for roughly the last six months. Outside of the classroom, I use these videos right before bed to help me wind down and let go of the busy day. There is such a range of different mediation videos you can use in and out of the classroom. I love having students meditate because it helps them reset and be mindful!

#EDTC300 #Mindfulness

The first step of my EDTC 300 journey

Hi everyone, I’m Danna Schoff! From looking on the Google Community, I see there are a handful of people I have had classes with over the last few years ( excited to see you all again!). For those people I have not met yet, I am looking forward to getting to know you  over this upcoming semester and learning alongside all of you!

To tell you a little bit about myself, I just finished my internship placement in a grade 1/2 classroom here in Regina and am wrapping up my final semester of my degree. I have a passion for dancing and living an active lifestyle. I grew up dancing competitively and am now a member of the University of Regina Dance Team. When I’m not dancing, I love to do yoga, attend spin classes and going on runs.

In my internship, I was very lucky to be placed with my co-operating teacher who is a Connected Educator. . The classroom I was placed in was blessed to have  a class set of tablets to use for our learning and documentation each day. During my internship, I learned various tools that could be used on the tablets such as Seesaw, Flipgrid, and Mathletics. Another tool I used in my teaching was Mimio. Mimio has many tools that offer interactive and exciting learning opportunities in the classroom.

If any of you follow me on Twitter, you may already know my thoughts on blogging. I believe that using blogs in schools can be very effective and I am very excited to get the ball rolling on mine! However, as a beginning blogger I have f9und myself running into a few speed bumps. Right now, it is something I’m feeling a little uncomfortable with.  I have spent a lot of time watching wordpress tutorial videos and how to blog for beginners as I am finding the set up of my blog to be challenging! I am looking forward to growing in this class and learning tips and tricks on how to become a better blogger ( any tips you may have, send them my way!).


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