FMNI Reading Log

This is a reading log of 20 books from Canadian authorship and contain First Nations, Metis and Inuit content. Each entry has a breakdown of the book, it’s style, illustrative features, etc.

Link to FMNI reading log Download: ELIB reading log


Grade 1 Science: Living things

I created these three powerpoint presentations to go along with a living things unit. I have attached three different slide shows :  caring for animals, vertebrates, and reptiles! These powerpoint match the following outcome and its indicators:

Differentiate between living things according to observable characteristics, including appearance and behaviour.
These presentations are engaging, informative and interactive!

Miss Schoff’s Sub Binder

This is a 33 page resource I created for myself and anyone else who is entering the workforce as a substitute teacher! This binder has parent notes, teacher notes, other various sheets and multiple lesson plans for grades 1-3.


Sub Binder: Sub Binder

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